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Cycladian Harmony



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The herbs of Cyclades have been famous for their unique and beneficial properties since the ancient times.
Situated at the northern end of the Cyclades islands, Andros is special for its unique combination of a dry Cycladic climate, lush vegetation, and abundant underground and surface waters. In that ideal natural habitat, with respect to traditional agricultural methods and guided by contemporary scientific knowledge, we cultivate aromatic plants of high standards and quality.
As young people seeking an authentic quality of life following years of studies in urban centers, we returned to the island of Andros. Our ambition was to develop our lands, taking advantage of the special environmental conditions of our region to produce high-quality agricultural products.
Nature itself as well as our history have indicated the kind of cultivation we had to implement, taking into consideration the native herbs of the region with their intoxicating aroma and healing qualities on one hand and, on the other, the ancient historical references to cultivating aromatic plants in the Cyclades and the texts of Aristotle and Theophrastus about the characteristics of Greek herbs.
We cultivated our first organic farm In 2014 on a privately-owned site in the region of Ano Fellos, bordering on the community of Ammolohos, which famous for its excellent oregano. Following a period of cultivation testing and adaptation, our all-organic oregano, sage, lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), thyme, and rosemary farm has become a reality.
Cycladian Harmony was thus born, with the intention of capturing the fragrances of the Aegean Sea in packages and transporting them all over the world, thereby sharing the magic of the Cycladic land.
Our products are available at select stores in Andros.

The visitor can see the cultivation of herbs in a field of Cycladic architecture as well as the steps involved in processing herbs.


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