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Cretan Brewery



~ 1h
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Up to 25 persons
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Visit the Cretan Brewery, the only brewery in Crete that is open to the public, and taste the fresh Harma Beers.
We invite our guests to savour our delicious and refreshing handcrafted beers and offer them a guided tour of the premises. In addition, you can have some meze, salads, and dishes with fresh and local ingredients to our restaurant, focusing on the Cretan cuisine.

During the tour, the beer production process and our environmentally friendly brewery are presented in detail. Our guests have the opportunity to witness the brewers at work and become acquainted with the raw materials we use in the process.
The tour ends with a tasting of the various types of beer we brew (sample of 100 ml) in our custom-designed tasting room.


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Beer homemade, fresh, not pasteurized and filtered without chemical additives and preservatives
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