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Corfu Beer

Ionian Islands


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Corfu Beer is the first micro-brewery in Greece to dare to produce a Real Ale beer, a natural live product that conveys beneficial qualities to the consumer’s glass, using best-certified ingredients, ensuring quality and flavour. The production process is done naturally without the use of any additives!
The Corfu Micro-brewery was founded in 2006 by Spiro Kaloudi, and his son Thanasis . Their vision was to create world-class genuine real ale, with a local character, that would address visitors to Greece knowledgeable about beer, as well as local residents of Corfu.
Claudio Mouzakitis joined the team as a chief brewer in 2007, creating an exclusive range of beers, with the firm making a dynamic entrance in the market with its first products released in 2009. So far, Corfu Micro-brewery has managed to produce world-class Real Ale beers. Brewing with top quality modern equipment and trained personnel, our facility now brews five different beers which are sold throughout Greece and abroad.
Corfu Beer is a small but modern brewery located in Arillas in northern Corfu and welcomes visitors for guided tours and tastings of fresh beer.

Visitors may enjoy a guided tour of the premises with explanations on the process of the production and a tasting of beer for adults and of a non-alcoholic beverage for children.

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