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Corfu Beekeeping Vasilakis

Ionian Islands


~ 1h 30m
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Up to 30 persons
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The Vasilakis family has been engaged in beekeeping since 1981. The love for the bees and the passion for this work results in the production of high-quality hive products. Today the family’s second generation produces certified organic products in an exemplary honey production and standardization plant.
“Corfu Beekeeping Vasilakis” is located in Corfu, in building facilities inaugurated in 2007 housing new, modern processing equipment. Special emphasis is given to the standardization process, as well as on the hygiene and safety of the company’s products, thus offering consumers quality excellence. For this purpose, the company operates a chemical laboratory to conduct the necessary analyses to ensure quality, implementing an ISO 22000 certified HACCP system.
The goal of “Corfu Beekeeping Vasilakis” is the production of fine apiary products and their promotion to the consumer in their pristine state. In an era where the practice of beekeeping is very difficult, the Vassilakis family’s persistence, love, effort, respect for nature, and deep knowledge of beekeeping offer you a range of excellent Corfiot apiary products like honey, pollen, royal jelly, and honey-filled honeycombs.


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Honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis, natural bee wax, natural cell regeneration cream, turkish delight loukoumi with honey, other bee products
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