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Blackbird Natural Treasures

Aegean Islands


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Behind the “Blackbird” label is a vertically-integrated olive oil production company.
The entire production process of this family-owned enterprise is supervised on a personal basis. The olive mill, with a tradition that dates back to 1900, belonged to the family’s grandfather, Yiannis. Subsequent generations inherited it and have updated it technologically many times since.
Today, the fully modernized, automated, centrifugal, third-generation olive mill being is being managed by grandson Yiannis. The mill combines the best varieties of olive fruits, with their distinctive aromas and which are selected according to strict specifications, in order to produce three excellent products: organic olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, and virgin olive oil.
Blackbird olive oil embodies three generations of experience and skill, know-how, and, of course, love and respect for the Greek island of Lesbos and the goods it produces. This passionate devotion leads to the making of precious, honest, impeccably pure olive oil. Bearing those characteristics, it enjoys pride of place on your dinner table.

During your visit, you will have the opportunity to watch the processes involved in extracting olive oil in our fully modernized, automated, centrifugal, third-generation olive mill.
The ideal period for visiting is autumn and winter when olive harvesting takes place.
You will also have the opportunity to taste fresh olive oil and learn about the sensorial assessment of virgin olive oil from the owner and member of the Lesbos accreditation panel, Mr. John Kanellos.
Weather permitting, we may visit the nearest olive grove and give you an idea about olive cultivation and the olive’s local varieties.


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