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Belidis Vineyards



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“Belidis Vineyards” is situated in Melissia, a small and quiet village outside Kozani, at an altitude of 575 meters while our vineyards lay in “Vathylakkos”, where viticulture has a long tradition, as is also the case in the entire region of Macedonia. According to stories told by our grandparents but also by several travelers who passed through in the previous century, Vathylakkos was among the most important viticultural regions, with large acreage.
Phylloxera started infecting the regional vineyards in 1920, which were replanted by 1960.
In the year 2000, we started planting our first vineyards of 3 Ha and by 2018 they cover more than 10Ha, with the prospect of expanding to 20 Ha in the coming years.
Belidis family has a history of trading wine. During the exchange of populations between Greece and Turkey in 1923 following WW1, Belidis family came from Nichori of Istanbul, bringing along sacred family icons and some vines of the “Voulgariko” variety used as the core variety for our vineyards, as well as for many other vineyards in the region of Kozani.
Today, our rosé wine is still produced from those same vines, based on tradition as well as on new winemaking techniques.

Visitors to our premises can see the entire process of wine production, from grape to bottle, and taste our wines.

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