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Beekeeping Athamari

Aegean Islands


~ 1h
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Guided Tour

Up to 10 persons

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Up to 10 persons
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The visitor will meet Yannis Protopsaltis who, along with his daughters, has been engaged in beekeeping for 25 years. From them you will learn about the unique society of the bees, take part in the honey production process and taste the honey at the moment it is collected.
While in the region, you can stay at the Aplinori farm, in a beautiful old villa with five bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. The villa can host from two to ten people. It has a kitchen and dining room and is ideal for nights by the fireplace during the winter, while on summer evenings, you can enjoy the breezy patios with a panoramic view of the night sky. Nearby are the Tsakona gorge and the “Skilos and Gata” (Dog and Cat) caves.
For breakfast you will be served freshly-made family pitas, honey, cheese and vegetables.

Beekeeping Athamari visitors learn about the bee communities and, participate in the honey standardization process, weather permitting, followed by a tasting session of bee products.


Quality award to Beekeeping Athamari company , “Gastronomos” magazine


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Honey, bee products
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