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Avgeris Brothers Dairy



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Up to 20 persons
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Avgeri Bros. dairy was founded in 1987 by Nikolaos and Dimitrios Avgeris in Mourgkani, Kalambaka, and was established in 1989 to Megarchi near the city of Trikala, while continuously modernizing its equipment and techniques.
The company processes up to 500 tons annually of ewe’s and goat’s milk provided by local cattle-breeders, and produce feta cheese matured in a wooden barrel or metal containers.
Our company’s main concern is to maintain traditional production practices in combination with the use of modern technology, so as to provide the consumers with the best possible quality.

During their visit, guests will be able to see the production process of PDO feta and in particular how the sheep and goat milk is turned into one of the most popular cheeses of Greece. From the coagulation process to its final maturation for consumption, the owners of our company and experienced cheese makers will answer any questions you may have about the production process and the best conditions for consuming this special cheese.


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Feta, mizithra, graviera, goat cheese
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