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Athanasopoulos Farm – Mycenaean Earth



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Our farm is located between the villages of Borsia and Malandreni at an altitude of 300 meters, a few kilometers from Argos. It is one of the few farms surrounded on all sides by wild vegetation. It is located near the Acropolis of Mycenae and next to an old watermill, an area rich in flora and fauna. Thyme, arbutus, holly oaks, and other plants create a natural wall protecting the farm from being contaminated from other farming methods.
Our grandfather planted olive trees, our father took care of them and we are called to cultivate them in the same natural, organic way so as to deliver them to the next generation. We have also added a wide variety of fruit trees used in pastry-making, such as pears, figs, plums, pomegranates, walnuts, and almonds, sea-buckthorns (Hippophae L.) as well as vines and aromatic plants such as lavender, oregano, sage thyme, and savory, with excellent flavour found wild in large quantities.
Since 1972 we have been active in the pastry-baking industry and therefore we can attest to the importance to confectioners of growing their own almond trees, and using their fruits for the preparation of the Greek classical desserts, the “amygdalota”.
The way food comes from the field to our kitchen while keeping its beneficial properties and nutrients is of great importance to us and drives us to continuously improve the quality of our company’s methods.

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