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Artemis Karamolegos Winery

Aegean Islands


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Up to 8 persons
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The history of the winery dates back to 1952 when grandfather Artemis cultivated the vineyards to produce wine for his family and later on, for the island and, finally, for the rest of Greece.
Artemis Karamolegos, the grandson who succeeded his grandfather and father as owner of the Exo Gonia winery, is an energetic young man full of passion for his job. Since 2004, he has managed to rapidly develop the family business, moving it several steps forward.

Guests can visit the winery and observe the entire winemaking process, including the tanks, the fermentation barrels, the impressive wine-aging cellars, and the traditional presses.
A wine-tasting session is given in the verdant courtyard by a specialized oenologist who presents each wine and provides detailed information about winemaking methods and the technical characteristics of each wine.
The Winery combines wine tasting with a meal or dinner at the Aroma Avlis Food & Wine restaurant located right next door.


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