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Argyriou Winery

Central Greece


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Up to 20 persons
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Nikos Argyriou was born in Polydrosso, Parnassus, to a family long engaged in agriculture and livestock breeding.
His love for good wine, along with his deep knowledge of agricultural production, led him to cultivate his first vineyard in 1995. To date, the total area under cultivation has reached 30 Ha, an area sufficient to meet the production needs of the wines produced exclusively from the private vineyards.
Argyriou Winery was founded in 1999. What contributed significantly to the decision to be engaged at the region of Parnassus, was the excellent terroir for the vineyard not only for Greek but international varieties as well, giving excellent results.
Nikos’ Argyriou love for quality wines, along with his deep knowledge of agricultural production, engaged for long through his family, led him to establish his first vineyard in 1995 while today the vineyard spans over 30 Ha, sufficient to meet the demand for his wines.
His love and passion for high quality wines has well been passed to all members of his family while the next generation today takes slowly the lead pursuing the family’s tradition.

As the winery is not open to visitors, a model facility was built in Polydrosso so as to promote wine tourism. Operated by the Argyriou family, this facility enables visitors to taste our wines in a specially designed venue in the wine cellar of the guesthouse; they can also enjoy the local cuisine and numerous activities the region as to offer.

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