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Central Greece


~ 1h

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Up to 60 persons
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Guided Tour

Up to 60 persons

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Up to 60 persons
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This hacienda is spread out over twenty hectares, an earthly paradise that is large enough to invite exploration, but small enough for you to feel nature’s pulse in every corner.
Amfikaia is a home of bountiful almond and pear trees, abundant bushes and stately trees embellished by beautifully-tended gardens. Pergolas provide shade, while intoxicating herbal scents infuse the air.
At the distance is Mount Parnassos, dressed sometimes in white and sometimes in green, marking the passage of time and changing of seasons.
Here, we respect the land. Its cultivation is strongly influenced by tradition while producing only what the land is able to offer as we sustain authentic, nearly forgotten flavors.
Here, we protect life. We rear proud Thessalian horses and Skyrian foals on the verge of disappearance and keep pets that enjoy our thoughtful care.
Here, we offer a hearty welcome to all those who wish to escape the city and rediscover the secrets of nature. No ordinary hotel, Amfikaia, offers unique agro-touristic experiences.

Our farmstead is a warmly welcoming space, a small paradise on the slopes of Mount Parnassos.
The Amfikaia farm is both a hospitable place and a living, functional farm, with a program of daily activities. You can participate in a full day of farm-life activities. Depending on the season you can engage in gardening, planting, weeding, or even fruit and aromatic plant harvesting, as well as in the feeding of the farm animals. You can also learn how to make bread.
The farm is your playground. Relishing every minute of your stay, you can hike along the slopes of Mount Parnassos, or even mountain bike or play soccer on a pitch of natural grass. Finally, if you enjoy summer swimming, you have come to the right place. A dip in the large pond, whose crystalline waters flow directly from Mount Parnassos, is constantly replenished and offers a unique, refreshing experience.

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Aromatic herbs, pears, almonds, walnuts, various fruit trees
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