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The Alelma seafood workshop was founded in 2007 in Alonissos by Giorgos Anagnostou, who is greatly experienced in the fish trade, and by Amalia Kalogianni, highly knowledgeable about local tuna-processing traditions.
The workshop area is well-equipped with the latest machinery, ensuring sanitary conditions. In our workshop, we use traditional recipes for processing tuna in water or oil, based on modern specifications and certifications, without the use of preservatives or flavor enhancers.

Winter: October to April
Visitors will visit the work area and watch parts of the production process. The guide will explain all the stages of production.
Moving on to our company’s showroom, visitors will get a close look at the final packaging of the products and participate in a small tasting session.
Summer: May to September
The summer tour has an itinerary similar to the winter one, but since the production of our tuna takes place only in winter, observation of the production process does not take place.


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Alonissos tuna paste, smoked tuna in extra virgin oil, spicy tuna in sunflower oil, tuna in water
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