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Achaia Clauss



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Achaia Clauss welcomes you to its winery.
It is the first organized Greek winery established after the Greek War of Independence from the Ottoman Empire that began in 1821. Founded by the Bavarian Gustav Clauss, the winery has been in operation since 1861.
Internationally known, it is a destination for lovers of wine, history, nature, and travel, a place for all!
With guided tours and tastings sessions, educational tours for schools and universities, as well as set packages for industry specialists, Achaia Clauss attempts to unite the past with the present and the future.
The winery has paved streets running between stone towers, historic buildings and cellars full of wine barrels, each with its own history, chapels, statues, traditional tools, awards from around the world, and books. The landscape is from another era with a magnificent view and a poignant atmosphere.
We await your visit!

Festivities at the churches of the Estate
• 30th April 2021, Easter Friday at 16:00
Every Easter Friday at 16:00 there is a procession of the epitaph at the Orthodox church of Apostle Thomas.
• 1 May 2021, Easter Saturday at 00:00
Easter Sunday at midnight on the eve of Easter Saturday the resurrection of Christ is celebrated in a Holy Mass.
• 9 May 2021, Sunday of Thomas
The Sunday of Thomas is a religious festival in which his icon is carried in a procession to the Winery. There, wine and bread are blessed by the priest and shared by the faithful.


 Achaia Clauss has been awarded 52 gold medals and 38 silver ones and 15 important awards as well as 154 international distinctions.   

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