Vallindras Distillery

Aegean Islands


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Up to 20 persons


In 1896 and in Chalki on the island of Naxos, Marcos Vallindras, founder of the distillery bearing his name originally produced a unique liqueur, which he called the “Citron of Naxos” from the leaves of the citrus-tree.
The recipe has been faithfully passed on from generation to generation. The fourth and fifth generations of the Vallindras family have continued to produce the liqueur using the same kind of copper stills for more than a century. The liqueur holds the distinguished status of a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) in Greece.
The traditional Vallindras distillery, which has produced this exquisite distillate for over 120 years, serves as a destination for a visit through time, where the flavors and secrets of distillation are experienced.


We await the opportunity to show you around the premises and witness the distillation process on a day of distillation, or we will explain the process. To be sure to see the distillation process, you can leave a note while booking to the space reserved for notes to the producer.
A tasting session concludes the visit.


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Citron Naxos, ouzo, psimeni raki, banana liqueur, cherry liqueur
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