Vakakis Winery

Aegean Islands


~ 1h

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Guided Tour

Up to 50 persons

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Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec


Up to 50 persons


Vakakis Winery, started producing wines in 2011 under adverse circumstances, not only because of the financial crisis but also because establishing a wine-producing company in Samos was not possible due to a law that since 1934 mandated that the entire grape production of Samian vineyards should be vinified by cooperatives.
The promotion of the unique Samian vineyard and all of its byproducts is our highest objective and our philosophy to produce a small number of wines of superior quality from rare local indigenous varieties bottled aesthetically.
We hope to gradually create a high-end product while at the same time, we seek to make our wine the most recognizable ambassador for wines from Samos abroad.
Our organic vineyard was planted between 2004 and 2012 as for our facilities they small but functional including wine-making and bottling facilities based in the area of M. Lakka, four km south of the town of Karlovasi. They are open to visitors during the harvesting period giving them the opportunity to become acquainted with the winemaking process.


The guided tour includes:
• A visit of the vineyards of the estate
• The Wine-press Museum of the Estate
• The multipurpose ‘Filion’ amphitheater
• A tasting session
• Before leaving visitors can make their purchases of wines and other local products from our retail store


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Tour Languages
Greek, English, German, Serbian
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