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Farmer George Sergianidis is systematically engaged in wild truffle hunting with trained truffle-sniffing dogs, but also by cultivating truffles in the region of Sapes, not far from Komotini on Evros prefecture. George hunts for truffles throughout the year, and depending on the season different varieties such as Brumale, Melanosporum, white Borchii, Mesentericum, Uncinatum and Aestivum and he sells them fresh. He also produces many truffle-based products, such as truffle oil, mushrooms in organic and non-organic olive oil, fleur de sel with truffles, as well as hilopites with truffles.
The hunt lasts around two to three hours, depending on the season. Truffle hunting is a very interesting outdoor activity. After having located the right spots in the forest, we let the dogs do the rest under strict guidance. During the summer season, dogs cannot hunt all day due to the heat. Therefore, hunting takes place only very early in the morning or in the afternoon. The dogs can detect the smell of mature truffles. Those can be sniffed up to 25 cm under the soil. Having found the truffle, dogs start digging to bring them up to the surface. That is where the hunter intervenes so that truffles are not ruined by the dogs.
After the hunt, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the unique taste of the collected truffles in a traditional, specialty lunch that uses pure local ingredients.

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