Truffle Hunting at Mushroom Museum & Natural History Museum of Meteora



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The area of Meteora is a place that is suitable for truffle hunting. It has wild truffles, while accessibility is very easy since a coach can approach these truffle hunting areas very easily. The environment is enchanting, the hunting process exciting, and the truffle-pasta unforgettable.
The fact that this proposal is combined with one of the few Mushroom Museums in Europe and of the world, as well as a mushroom tasting session, makes it innovative and unique.
These mushroom products can be bought from the souvenir shop of the Museum either for consumption or a gift. There are 51 (!) different mushroom and truffle products to choose from. Their package is exceptional and they were created by the Museum, following high-quality standards
The activity consists of the following modules:
• Truffle hunting with specialized dog-truffle sniffing in the beautiful and unknown forests of the region
• Cooking truffle-pasta in the woods (replacing lunch)
• Visit & Tour at the Museum
• Mushroom tasting session

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