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Tour the Milopotamos Village on Electric Bicycles at Aristaios

Aegean Islands


~ 1h 30m
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Up to 18 persons
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The tour starts from of either Korissia or Vourkari villages and heads toward the village of Milopotamos.
We visit the ancient paved path, the Folklore Museum and afterwards take a brief tour of the orange tree garden. There we will taste local appetizers, like louza, kopanisti, xerotiri, sausage, and xino, along with the local Mavroudi wine.
Next, we will visit the traditional products of Aristaios. Once we become acquainted with them and the cultural life of the Xotaris (the man who lives and works in the fields outside the city), we will taste the local sweets of pasteli and fragrant geranium.

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Honey, pasteli, marmalades, hilopites, trahana, capers in vinegar, sundried tomato, processed meat products, louza, wine
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