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Stevia Hellas was established as a model cooperative by a group of young farmers, in the outskirts of Lamia, in 2012. Our group of 50 cultivators and their families, with the help of highly-trained agronomists, was the first in Europe to grow stevia on a large scale.
Our cultivation is mostly organic and follows high standards of quality.
Extraction and purification take place in France in one of the top stevia processing units in Europe. Our producers participate in the product lifecycle to develop the final result and are active stakeholders and decision-makers in the cooperative.
Our highly qualified team is responsible for the sustainability of the cooperative and the expansion of our sales network.
Our goal is to keep growing, sharing our passion for sustainable agriculture and healthy nutrition with the whole world.
Our production techniques are respectful of the environment and the people involved in the cultivation process.
La Mia Stevia participates in several programs for developing its human resources, such as the European RurInno & RurAction programs and Rutgers University’s «New Agriculture, New Generation» program. Furthermore, La Mia Stevia has been nominated by The International Taste & Quality Institute for the 2018 Superior Taste Award, has received awards from several organizations, and is certified as GMO-Free, Gluten Free, Diabetics Safe Product.


Visitors of our facilities have the opportunity to learn about our local stevia growers and the stages of production, collection, and packaging of the final product. Furthermore, visitors will be informed about the efforts and methods we are using to develop our business and expand our sales network. Last but not least, visitors will have the opportunity to taste stevia products, such as stevia tea, and receive samples of La Mia Stevia.
For an optimal, comprehensive tour, it is best to visit our facilities between April and August, when the crop is in blossom, enabling the visitor has a better connection with the product. In addition, visitors will have the opportunity to taste stevia products, such as stevia leaf tea, but also to receive samples of the product.


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