Spoon Sweet Making, Ta Glika tis Roxanis

Athens - Holargos - Spata,


~ 40m

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Not provided

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Up to 3 persons

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Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec


Up to 3 persons


We are a family-run business, producing mainly on-the-spoon sweets and jams, in the suburbs of Athens. This is an attempt to preserve the Greek tradition through the old and new flavors of these delicacies.
“Tradition” is the word that applies to the flavors and aromas of the home-cooked cuisine. Aromas beckon your senses when the juice from fresh fruit and syrups boil in a saucepan. To enjoy this experience, try a sample of our sweets and jams made from fresh seasonal fruits.
We will try to convince our friends that only fruits eaten in season are nutritious and have all their vitamin content, since they mature naturally and ripen without drugs and hormones. For this reason, they will discover in our workshop summer fruits during the summer (strawberry, cherry, apricot etc.) and winter fruits during the winter (winter lemon, orange, quince, bergamot etc.).
Our products are free of coloring additives and preservatives.


The visitor can assist with the preparation of the spoon sweets or jams and, with our help, make sweets such as truffles, cakes, etc.


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