Spentza Distillery

Aegean Islands


~ 1h

Overnight Stay

Not provided

Guided Tour

Up to 60 persons

Active Months

Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec


Up to 60 persons


When, in 1892, Georgios Spentzas in Pergamοn of Asia Minor was initiated into the secrets of distillation by a firman of the Ottoman Sultan, little did he suspect that this personal hobby would turn into a passion that would be handed down from father to son over the years that followed.
Today, Ouzo Veto still maintains the full body that accounts for its exceptional and unique taste. Its “seafaring” character is embodied in its rich, balanced, light, and sweet scent with a lasting and intense aftertaste.
From its inception and thanks to our dedication, Ouzo Veto has stood as the authentic expression of the art of Mytilene’s age-old ouzo production traditions.


Visitors will be guided around the production premises to witness the ouzo’s production process, discuss ouzo’s history with us, taste our excellent ouzo at our shop in Mytilene, and before leaving, make their purchases.


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Greek, English, French
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