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“Serres and Northern Greece Microbrewery” was founded in 2013, trades under the name “Siris Microbrewery” and is run by a team of people who are fans of fine beer and gourmet travels.
Our love for gastronomy, our family tradition in creating flavors and products, and the endless hours of testing and experimenting led us to establish a microbrewery located in Serres, in a two-storey building of 800 m2.
Encouraged by the love of friends, associates and homebrewers, and with the support of state-of-the-art technological equipment applied for the first time in a microbrewery, we offer flavors full of essences, freshness, and long-lasting aftertastes, made here in the North for all beer lovers in Greece and beyond.
Our goal is to contribute to the Greek gastronomical map by adding new, differentiated recipes of non-pasteurized, high quality, and rich-flavoured beer.
We will be delighted to travel together with you in this great world of flavors and aromas, along with our beers that are here to stay.


Guests are offered a guided tour of our facilities to see the production process from the initial fermentation to the final stage of bottling. Visitors will then take part in a tasting session where they can savor both our final products as well as beer drawn directly from the storage tanks to enjoy their flavor from the source.
When you are in the Serres region, it would our pleasure to guide you through the delightful world of beer and to treat you to a cool beer, as required by Macedonian tradition.


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