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Rhoeco is a speciality organic herbal tea company from Greece. In accordance with our principles of fair trade and ethical food production, we collect season’s harvest from small-scale, Greek, organic farmers. We carefully process and pack loose only the best whole herbal parts by hand, in small batches, in our certified facilities, in Thessaloniki. All of our operations, from the production practices to the packaging we choose to use, are in line with our aim to respect and protect the environment. We commit to offer a unique brewing experience, hoping to inspire a conscious, slow living.


Visitors will tour our premises and witness all stages of production, the sorting of different herbs, the preparation of the blends, and the packaging, after watching a short slideshow presenting the company’s philosophy, the specifications needed to accept and collaborate with new producers, as well as the process followed before the herbs are finally introduced to our laboratory.
Visitors may eventually participate in one of the production stages mentioned above.
– We’ll guide you on the herbs journey from field to cup.
– You will learn how to prepare properly a cup of herbal tea.
– We’ll introduce you the herb flavour wheel.
– You will learn how to taste herbal teas and recognise their flavour ptofile.
– You will taste 6 different cups of herbal teas (monovarietals, blends, hot & cold brews)


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Organic herbal teas and culinary herbs
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From €23.00 / per Adult

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