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Rodi Hellas S.A., was founded in 2006 and commenced operations by planting pomegranate trees on over 1,200 Ha throughout Greece. In collaboration with foreign Institutes, it offers the know-how of cultivation to its associate-growers, with responsibility and continuous research. In addition, Rodi Hellas SA cooperates with an extensive network of cultivators, based on the model of contract farming. More than 450 cultivators trust the company to design and implement sustainable, certified pomegranate crops since 2006 while it offers a comprehensive range of specialized products and services to the producer-farmer and alternative farming solutions that are always in the best interest of, and service to, the Greek farmer.
The construction of the standard pomegranate processing unit of Rodi Hellas SA began by the end of 2008 on 3 Ha piece of land in the West Pella Municipal Department. In its built-up area of 9,900 sq.m. the sorting and pre-treatment machines with a pomegranate processing capacity of 20,000 kg per hour, the pomegranate peeling and packing machine, the juicer and the 3,600sqm of refrigerated spaces were installed. The plant is the largest pomegranate processing unit in Greece.


During the tour, visitors will first be taken to farms where pomegranate trees are cultivated and then to the factory where they will learn about the harvesting, transportation, sorting, and packaging of the fruit and they will also learn about juice production. The tour finishes up at the company offices, for a tasting session and visitors can make their purchases.


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Fresh pomegranates, pomegranate juice, pomegranate sauce, pomegranate balsamic cream, pomegranate balsamic cream with chili, fig retseli, pomegranate seed oil
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