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The idea originated several years ago with daily excursions to the mountains to collect mushrooms. Since then, with the help of a lot of rain and nature’s endowment, the wild native mushroom has become a reference point for a growing number of people in Greece and neighboring countries.
This, in turn, led to the creation of our workshop, Mushroom Products of Grevena, which provides anything related to the mushroom and in particular culinary products, as well as souvenirs that guests can visit and watch the production and preparation of our products, situated in Grevena, in the Macedonia region.


The designation of Grevena as “The City of Mushrooms” is due to the many mushroom-fields surrounding it that visitors have the opportunity to explore with Mr. Fotis your tour guide, who, will help you find, collect and identify mushrooms, and depending on the season, he will show you many wild aromatic plants and wildflowers while relishing the colors of nature. Enjoy the unique experience to cook them in the forest with us and taste their special flavors.


From €25.00 / per Adult

Mushrooms in oil, pasta with wild mushrooms, wild mushroom spoon sweet, cereals with wild mushrooms, wild mushroom liqueur, ready-made meals with wild mushrooms, dehydrated wild mushrooms, wild mushrooms sauce, truffle based products, spices
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From €25.00 / per Adult

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