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We are a newly-founded company, in Chania, guided by our passion for organic extra virgin olive oil and a desire to wed the centuries-old tradition of making olive oil with 21st-century technology in order to create a premium product.
Founded in 2014 by a young entrepreneur, Eftychios Androulakis, Pamako is the brainchild of a passionate young person who, with the help of his family and his partner, Dorothea Ritter, decided to continue a generations-old family tradition while combining it with cutting-edge technology to produce olive oil that is exceptional in both taste and quality.
Preserving century-old methods of sustainable organic cultivation and processing, we combine them with the newest technology in order to get the best out of each olive in creating premium extra virgin olive oil. Youthful passion motivates us and the experience of the older generation guides us on the challenging and painstaking task of getting the best from nature’s bounty.
Pamako is officially one of the few olive oils worldwide to have on its label a health claim for high phenol content approved under EU regulation 432/2012.
Pamako is the translation of the Linear B syllabic script ideograms meaning ‘medicine’.


“Let’s Talk About Olive Oil” is a seminar designed by Eftychios Androulakis and Chloe Dimitriadis, a collaboration between passionately engaged producers that explores all aspects of olive oil quality, especially those aspects often overlooked by mainstream international standards.
In this seminar, you will learn about how quality and taste are affected by olive variety, cultivation, harvest, production methods, and packaging. This is a discussion for those who love the world of quality food and are interested in learning about what to look for in olive oil, beyond just the “extra virgin” designation. The seminar starts at the olive grove with a discussion of organic cultivation. Entering the olive mill and bottling plant, you will see the innovations for producing quality organic olive oil. After the tour, a tasting session will provide greater insight into the details on how to distinguish good extra virgin olive oil.
The course ends with a “kerasma” (treat) of local wine and traditional Cretan appetizers, while all participants receive an analytical booklet on the course material.
To secure a spot for one of our scheduled courses, please apply ahead of time.
Kindly note that this course is not suitable for young children.

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