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Golemis Estate is located in the shadow of the Taygetos Mountain, famed for its wide variety of flora and fauna, just 11 km from the town of Sparta, in the village of Paleopanaghia.
The Golemis brothers’ organic farm is a special, distinctive case. It is not by accident that this farm has received awards, recognition, and publicity. It is a 100% organic farm model of 25 Ha, the lifework of the two connoisseurs, the brοthersTassos and Christos Golemis.
The brothers cultivate seasonal vegetables, citrus trees and olive trees, while they bottle and commercialize their own olive oil. Ιn addition, “Golemis Estate ” breeds free-range chickens for egg production. The Golemis Estate is a triumph of the harmonious co-operation between nature and humans.


Escape to the Greek countryside and experience how one of the most precious goods of Greece, excellent quality olive oil, is produced. The harvest of the olive tree, the agricultural work and economic activities involved in the production of olive oil have a long-standing presence in Greek society.
Ktima Golemi offers guests the opportunity to participate in the picking of olives as part of an organized tour of the wider region. In an unadorned but comfortable Mediterranean environment and with an endless view of olive groves, visitors can reacquaint themselves with nature and get a first-hand experience in harvesting the olives with a method standardized in ancient Greek times.


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