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The Naoumidis family, aiming to promote the genuine Florina pepper, produces innovative handmade products using the local varieties of the famous Florina pepper.
In Agios Panteleimonas, a village of Florina Prefecture, close to Amyndaeo, at an altitude of about six hundred meters and in a very dry microclimate, the red Florina pepper is cultivated in our farm and is then processed and packed in our stone-built facility.
We maintain our own seed-plot to ensure the quality and authenticity of this variety, as it is outside of our philosophy to use hybrid or mutant seeds. In harmony with the fields where the pepper is grown, we built nearby the “Piperadiko” facilities so as to make the transport of the newly-harvested peppers short and fast to preserve freshness. It is a harmonious combination of traditional architecture and modern facilities. It is built entirely of stone, an inert material that acts to protect and preserve the excellent quality of the pepper, while also ensuring the neutral atmosphere required for processing and for storage.
This 800 sq.m. architectural jewel houses state-of-the-art processing and cooking areas, as well as a tasting room, training spaces for students, the seed-plot, and a cellar where our products are stored and mature under controlled climatic conditions.
A Pepper Museum worth visiting is just 500 meters from the “Piperadiko”.

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