Montofoli Estate



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Up to 18 persons

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Up to 30 persons

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Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep


Up to 30 persons


Montofoli Estate is a remarkable landmark in South Evia. Franks, Ottomans, and Kings have vested this land with extraordinary energy.
The Estate has a panoramic view of the sea and bountiful fields, both of which have been a point of reference throughout Karystos’ long history.
Through Montofoli run antique stairs built from the remains of ancient buildings of the region; its 157 steps are said to have served as a ‘Road’ leading to an important spot whose location remains unknown. The buildings on the Estate come from different eras. The Main House, with the three arched windows, was built during the Frankish period (1500 AD), while its left section was added during the Turkish era. The Dovecote (1870) is thought to be standing on the ruins of a Roman Bath and the Red House is a neoclassical building representative of the late 19th century. The Wine Cellar is built on the ruins of the Christian church of St Marcus.
The temple was destroyed during the Turkish occupation, and converted into a stable for horses, serving today as a wine cellar where “Montofoli Estate” wines are stored in barrels & bottles.
Among its various wines, Montofoli Estate also produces an exceptional sweet wine, as well as handmade citrus marmalade. As for the Montofoli Villas, offer guests the unique experience of dwelling in a historic vineyard.

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    Tour of our facilities and of the vineyard.

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    Tasting of our wines.


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