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The story of the renowned Minos Cretan wines starts unraveling in the mid-19th century when Antonis Miliarakis left the village of Miliarado in the province of Viannos, in Crete, and settled in the region of Peza, 17 km south of Heraklion.
During the last years of the Ottoman rule, those who anticipated what the future held bought land and fields from the Ottomans who lived in the village, and were gradually abandoning Crete, and many Peza citizens found themselves owners of noteworthy real estate during the first years of the Cretan State (1889-1913).
With the end of Ottoman rule the role played by Peza as a place for lodging became obsolete, and economic activity in the area turned to wine trading. This was the economic and business environment in which the Miliarakis brothers’ business grew: they turned Antonakis’ inn that provided travelers with a plate of warm food and a glass of wine since the 19th century, into a winery.
In 1932 the company took on a legal form and was structured as a model winery by the chemist/oenologist Iosif Miliarakis. Along with his brothers Minas, Mattheos and Nikolaos, Iosif founded the first modern industrial winery in Peza, under the brand name Minos, transforming the small traditional winery into an industry, with the use of the first petrol generator, which provided power both to the winery and to the village of Peza.
Minos started exporting wine in bulk just after the Second World War, mainly to France and the UK, while the first successful attempt at bottling wine was undertaken on the island in 1952. The company’s customers abroad then gradually switched from trading wine in bulk to trading in bottled Minos wine.
Since then and to this day, the company has been exclusively dealing in quality bottled wine aiming at continuously improving its products and presenting new aspects of the Cretan vineyard.


At the entrance to the winery, you are welcomed by a pre-war bicycle which was used to deliver the wine to the city of Heraklion and a historic Blackstone generator, the first to come at the village of Peza; it used to produce power for the winery and also supply half the village with electricity. The restoration of the old winery gave birth to four levels, where visitors have access and include:
• A museum, with old winemaking machinery: wine presses, pumps, manually operated bottling machinery, and a traditional stone wine press. In the same area, historic photographs of the winery are on display, among which you will see the Apollo spacecraft astronauts with Minos wines!
• A projection room seating 200 people, with red seats from the old Astoria cinema in Heraklion, where visitors can watch a 20-minute film on the history of wine, olive oil, and tsikoudia in Crete, and the long history of Minos Company.
• A wine tasting room with furniture from a traditional café, seating 145 people. Visitors can taste various wines and become acquainted with the rich and interesting range of company wines, learn about their characteristics, and answer any questions they may have concerning wine.
• A second wine tasting room with a projection room, with handmade tables using old winery machinery, seating 55 people.
• Finally, at the retail shop, where visitors can make their purchases, not only wine but where other traditional Cretan selected-quality products, such as olive oil, olive soap, spices, honey, local herbs, etc. are also presented.


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