Melimilon Naxou

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Up to 6 persons

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Visit our traditional cafe and workshop at Agios Georgios, behind the city hall of the capital town of the island of Naxos, and taste Melimilon Naxou directly from the saucepan!
Every day, we prepare for your arrival where you will experience the magical combination of flavors that delight even the most demanding palate!
Enjoy our special breakfasts, our omelets, sweets, biscuits and other treats from 9 am to 10 pm.
Indulge yourselves in our tasty suggestions, try the main dish and dessert of the day, and get acquainted with authentic products of the cuisine of Naxos.
Do not forget to try all of the Melimilon Naxou jams, spoon sweets, liqueurs and various culinary delights!
Helpful Hint: Come in a mood to explore and experiment!
Your efforts will be richly repaid.
Do not leave without tasting our specialties: pancake with mizithra of Naxos and sweet strawberry, omelets with charcuterie and cheeses and the special red pepper marmalade.

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Vegetable and fruit jams, spoon sweets, homemade liqueurs
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