Markos Krasanakis

Aegean Islands


~ 1h

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Not provided

Guided Tour

Up to 20 persons

Active Months

Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec


Up to 20 persons


Our company has been operating since 1992 in Episkopi, 15 km SE of Heraklion, producing traditional smoke-dried Cretan products. The knowledge of tradition and its creative reproduction are the safeguards for the development of the company.
Following new technologies, constantly evolving, and always keeping pace with the requirements of the customers, without altering the traditional character of our products we preserve and spread the delicious culture of Crete, adapted to the needs of modern life.
The company also handles and processes local and imported meat, mainly fresh but also frozen, as well as frozen fish and seafood.


Visitors will see the production process of our products. That is, the entry of meat into the storage areas, and the processing to get the sausage or the apaki. To prepare them, the meat is properly carved so that it can be processed (addition of natural spices and other ingredients to create the right flavor), then wood-smoked with natural wood and finally packed.
All these processes are done with modern means and are HACCP certified, a practice that we follow to ensure that our final products are absolutely safe.
A tasting session concludes the visit.


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