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The Εkonomοu family established the traditional pasta workshop Thrakiotiki Zimi (‘Thracian dough’) in 2003 to preserve and spread the recipes and flavors of the rich culinary traditions of Thrace.
The workshop is located in Aegiro, a few kilometers outside the city of Komotini and very close to the source of the raw materials. For the production of the traditional pasta “Thrakiotiki Zimi” the Ekonomou family uses pure and fresh raw materials, processed by modern equipment.


At our workshop visitors can closely follow the entire production process, using no preservatives or flavor improvers but just pure raw materials of excellent quality, they will be guided to produce their own pasta, taste our products, and make their purchases before leaving.

Booking Options

Make your own Pasta. Bring your own Ingredients

Visitors can bring their own ingredients and, with our guidance, make their own pasta. For 1 kilo of pasta you need: 1/2 kg fine semolina 1/2 kg strong flour 3 eggs 150 gr. milk
Minimun Charge: €10.00

Make your own Pasta using our Ingredients

Visitors will be guided to produce their own pasta using our ingredients.
Minimun Charge: €30.00


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