Logothetis Organic Farm

Ionian Islands


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Up to 45 persons


In a blessed corner of Greek nature, among age-old olive groves, fields, and pines and just 700 meters from the beach, Logothetis’ organic estate unfolds in an area of 70 hectares on the gentle hillside of the Vasilikos peninsula.
From the ruins of the old farmhouses in the land of their ancestors, Angela and Dionysis envisioned and created twelve new houses following the traditional architectural standards of Zakynthos. These are integrated in complete harmony with the natural environment of the village.
Making the most of the size of the surrounding area, the houses highlight the absolute privacy inside the olive groves, figs and orchards trees, being an ideal destination for families with young children, but also couples seeking isolation to enjoy the peace and gentle sounds of nature, and taste its products (oil, cheese, wine, honey, fruits and vegetables).
Also, relax on amazing sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, ideal for children, meet the animals of the estate, wander carefree, ride a bike or even ride a horse.
Try a series of alternative activities in the heart of Zakynthos National Marine Park, and experience our natural wealth with environmental protection rules.
At Logothetis Farm we produce an artisanal olive oil, the exclusive product of our family-owned olive groves. Estate olive oils are prized for their distinctive characteristics, which are influenced by natural factors such as soil, altitude, microclimate, and olive variety. Cultivation and production techniques add to the individuality of the product’s character. Our Mediterranean island microclimate, sandy soils, short seashore distance, low altitude (120-150 m. from sea level), arid, and organic cultivation shape the distinct characteristics of our olive oil.
At Logothetis Farm, we are proud of using production practices for olive oil, with the least amount of processing and damage to the flavor, aromas and health benefits which the olive fruit has to offer. The preservation and promotion of the traditional ‘slower’ production method is a precious commitment for us, as it will produce an olive oil with the highest nutritional value and is also a part of our long agricultural heritage.


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