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Up to 50 persons


Located in Polichnitos, 40 km west of Mytilene, on the southeastern tip of the island of Lesbos, Lasia is a family business with years of experience producing olive oil.
The company’s aim is to produce olive oil of excellent quality by applying the latest technological and scientific developments, combining technology, expertise, tradition, and having set high standards of quality for its products. Every stage of production takes place under strict conditions, adhering to all specifications, and applying the most modern methods.


Visitors will be guided through the traditional and ultramodern olive oil presses to understand the olive oil production process, as well as to the standardization, and packaging facilities. Finally, at the showroom, they will taste the olive oil and olives produced, find body care products based on olive oil, and make their purchases. It is an opportunity to profit from this tasty journey in the fragrances of the mycelium olive oil, accompanied by local delicacies such as the traditional ladotiri, to learn how to recognize quality.


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Olive oil, olives, cosmetics based on olive oil
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