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On our island of Leros the locals called our father “Lala” because he went around the neighborhoods of our island and sold his fresh fish in a chanting way. Together with our grandfather, they later opened the first fish shop on the island, where fresh fish was supplied by the local fishermen. The main occupation of our family has been the commerce of fresh fish for three generations.
The third generation decided to expand Lalas’ activities by founding the “Lalas Salted Fish Industry”, a company producing naturally-matured salted and marinated fish, whilst continuing the fresh fish trade by keeping the family’s fish shop to sell the island’s fresh fish of a unique taste.
The pickling and salting of the fish are made using traditional methods and without additives. Our salted mackerel and the “gourlomatis” anchovy (a variety exclusive to our region) preserved in olive oil, as well as the marinated mackerel and the marinated octopus in vinegar, are flavors that until recently we could only enjoy at home and it was a pity not to be savored by everyone.


Visitors can learn how the ancient Greeks preserved perishable products and fish in particular. The tour is concluded with a tasting session.

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Salted and marinated fish
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