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Up to 50 persons

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Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec


From 10 to 50 persons


The Agricultural Cooperative for the Citrus Processing in Amykles, close to Sparta in Laconia, is one of Greece’s largest citrus-grower cooperatives founded in 1965. Since then it has shown a dynamic presence in the field of production and market of fresh citrus fruits, juices, and of other by-products. It has privately owned facilities with modern technological equipment, well-trained scientific and technical staff, knowledge, experience and passion, and covers a wide range of important activities in the industry. The Cooperative has more than 1.000 grower-members engaged in cultivating fine citrus groves in the Laconia region.


During the tour, visitors can see the entire process of turning oranges from fruit to juice. In particular, they can observe the process of sorting and squeezing oranges, the production of by-products, such as essential oils, and the juice packaging. They will also have the opportunity to talk with the staff of the quality control department and ask any related questions.


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Juices, fresh oranges, essential oils
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