La Tour Melas

Lamia - Stilida,
Central Greece


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Up to 80 persons

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Up to 80 persons


We bet that we could produce a major wine in Greece – and took up the challenge. We finally decided to plant the vineyard at La Tour Melas on the outskirts of Stilida, 30km from Lamia, in the year 2000. Analysis of the soil proved it to be perfect for cultivating Merlot and Cabernet Franc vines. The terroir, the inclination, the fantastic climate, and the proximity of the Aegean Sea with its evening breezes to cool the vines, created the ideal micro-climate for our vineyard while we have embraced ecological and biodynamic principles in our agricultural methods and in wine-making. The sheep and geese of the farm help fight weeds, while at the same time that the manure produced is used to fertilize the vineyard and the bees from the beehives help to fertilize the flora of the estate.
In 2006 the construction of the winery “hidden” inside a rock began, an ultra-modern gravity-driven winery while we are constantly investing to upgrade our wine-making equipment and methods.
Following almost 20 years of hard work our expert winemaking team has enabled La Tour Melas to produce among the best red and rosé wines Greek terroir has to offer, while we have received numerous awards and medals. La Tour Melas has helped enhance the reputation of Greek wine around the world.
Of late, we have been seeking to highlight the Greek terroir with old indigenous Greek varieties. We have produced wine from 100 years-old ungrafted, “franc de pied” Agiorgitiko (pre-phylloxera) grapes from Nemea. The resulting wine has been as remarkable as the terroir from which it comes. Furthermore, we have launched a rosé wine called “Idylle” made entirely from Agiorgitiko grapes.
Our philosophy is that winemaking has no limit in quality, and we will endeavor over time to develop all the potential of our terroir.
We do not just focus on the production of good wine, as Greek hospitality is part of our philosophy. For this reason, our guesthouse, consisting of 14 luxurious rooms and designed to be in full harmony with the scenery will soon be in operation.

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