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Up to 50 persons


The viticultural and winemaking tradition of the Karamitsos family started 70 years ago and established a new winery in 2016 just outside Nemea town, located opposite the church of the “Virgin of the Rocks”. It is one of the most modern wineries in the area producing approximately 300,000 litres of wine per year, while bottling half of that volume.
The Karamitsos winery is open to all wine-lovers and to those who want to become familiar with wine production, a venture into a region of wine pleasure!


The tour of the winery starts from the winery’s privately-owned vineyards, where we explain the importance of the microclimate. The tour continues to the production premises where visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the journey of the grapes from their reception at the winery to the final stage of wine bottling and storage.
The guided tour continues on to the wine-cellar, where the wine ages in oak barrels, thereby acquiring scents of vanilla, wood and smoke while in the tasting room, visitors get rewarded tasting our wines. Before leaving, they can make their purchases of wines along with other fine local products at preferential prices from our retail shop.


• Olymp Awards for the wine “Aphrodite”, Athens 

• Gold medal for the wine “Riza”, China Wine & Spirits Awards


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