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Our company produces natural, high-quality pomegranate products. Its vertically integrated facilities are in Polypetro, between Goumenissa and Giannitsa, in the prefecture of Kilkis.
The Chemonides estate has been active in cultivating pomegranates since 2006. Our experience in cultivation spans over three centuries and this both guarantees the success of its products and warrants the know-how that accounts for their qualitative superiority.


Visitors will see pomegranate trees and their varieties and learn how to distinguish them based on their leaves and fruit. We will discuss the watering system and when and how trimming takes place. Visitors also will learn about pomegranate tree diseases, as well as about the Code of Good Agricultural Practice (GLOBAL GAP) applied to our crops.
Unfortunately, visits to the production plant itself are not possible.


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Pomegranates crops, natural pomegranate juice, pomegranate marmalade, carbonated natural pomegranate juice, pomegranate seeds
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