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“To Meli tis Arkoudas” (“The Bear’s Honey”) is a small family-owned apiary facility that has been active since 1950.
It is located at Paranesti village (Prinolofos area, near the town of Drama) in the Rodopi Mountains. The virgin forest of Fraktos, unique in Greece and perhaps the most balanced natural ecosystem in Europe, is located here. In this beautiful natural environment we encounter the richest flora of Greece, from alpine meadows and spruce forests on the slopes of the Rodopi Mountains to the coasts of Eastern Macedonia, Thrace, and Thassos, where more than 4,500 plant species thrive. Most of them are melliferous and polleniferous. Our facility is situated 80km from the island of Thassos and 60km from the forest of Fraktos. The collection of honey starts from the Rhodopi mountains and reaches the pine forests of Thassos.


Visitors participate in the honey harvest through a guided tour of all the stages of honey production, from the beehive to the jar.


From €30.00 / per Adult

Honey, pollen, royal jelly, natural bee wax, propolis, natural cell regeneration cream, pasteli with honey, rakomelo, spread of honey & hazelnut paste, black garlic with honey, honey nut spreads, chocolate types with honey
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From €30.00 / per Adult

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