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Standard Hiking Tour and Tasting at Acheon Winery


~ 3h 30m
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Guided Tour

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Up to 15 persons
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We visit the plateau of Mamousia on Aegialia. We arrive there after a 15 km ride from the town of Aegio and then continue on foot along a dirt road for 4 km through the verdant vineyard plateau until we reach it summit, which enjoys a view to Gulf of Corinth from an altitude of 850 meters. There, a tasting session with wines of Rhoditis Alepou from our vineyards takes place, accompanied by snacks as we enjoy the magnificent view: In the foreground, we can admire the sea, the Corinthian Gulf and just opposite Roumeli and Mount Parnassos. To our rear are the mountains Panahaiko and Helmos, and to our right the famous gorge of Vouraikos. Finally, we return to the coach which takes us back to the winery for a guided tour of the premises along with explanations of the production process and a wine tasting session.


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