Harvest at Red Tractor Farm – Oakmeal

Kea / Tzia,
Aegean Islands


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Oct, Nov


Up to 5 persons


The Red Tractor on the island of Tzia (Kea) is a small farming estate that houses two businesses. With its inn and small-scale farming business, the Red Tractor focuses on hospitality, the production of local goods and agro-tourism, whilst centered on the initiative for the “Oakmeal” acorns, established by Marcie Mayer.
The goal of this enterprise is to promote the ancient stands of oaks trees on Tzia with the holding of events (e.g. the acorn festival of October) and exporting of acorn shell to Germany, as well as the production of acorn flour.
Oakmeal has a fully certified professional kitchen to accommodate the production of the company’s acorn biscuit, which is sold both in Greece and abroad.


The activities on the estate follow the seasons.
October is the month when the acorns are harvested. Marcie Mayer collects fruit, often with the help of volunteers. The fruit is removed from the cup, dried in a solar dryer and stored, then peeled, etc.
Tours are offered for this process year-round.
In November the visitor will see the oilcloths opened in the olive grove and can follow us to the olive mill of the island located in Pisses.
The harvest in the vineyards takes place at the end of August. We have vintage scissors for everyone …
There is a small shop in the estate all year round. In addition to the summer months, the Red Tractor can also organize hikes on local trails upon request.

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