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Up to 30 persons


Our happy ponies live in an organic farm the «Greek Pony Farm», with age-old olive trees, fields of herbs and aromatic plants, vegetable and fruit gardens. We gave it that name because of the unique herd of ponies that live and roam around free through our fields and groves of olive trees! Living in the company of deer, sheep, horses, and cows, the ponies are part of a mini-ecosystem. Their contribution is vital for the life and cultivation of our trees in an original and creative way that is perhaps unique in the world.
“Socrates”, the lead pony of the herd and together with the other ponies roam the olive groves and fields of our farm, grazing freely weeding the fields naturally while fertilizing the earth naturally at the same time. The result is cleaner fields, healthier trees, and tastier fruit of higher nutritional value.
This is also why our extra virgin olive oil and our Kalamata olives are of such high quality.
Farming is a way of life and very important for the Nikolakopoulos family, as is evident in every drop of our organic extra virgin olive oil and each hand-picked olive, each of which bears the “Greek Pony Farm” label!


During the tour of our family business, you will visit the farm inhabited by horses, ponies, deer, sheep, and many bird species, as well as cattle.
Visit also the olive groves and our gardens, followed by an olive oil and olive tasting session in our bottling facilities, along with a tour of the premises and a brief seminar about olive oil.
Finally, you will be able to buy our family’s products, as well as souvenirs of Kyparissia from our family’s delicatessen shop.


• Gold medal for Greek Pony Farm Organic olive oil, “Athena” International Olive Oil Competition
• Silver medal for Greek Pony Farm Olive oil, “Athena” International Olive Oil Competition

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