Grape Stomping at Gavalas Winery

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Gavalas Winery, one of the oldest wineries on the island of Santorini, situated at the traditional village of Megalochori.
Using indigenous Santorini varieties, the Gavalas family has been exclusively engaged in winemaking since the end of the 19th century.
The Gavalas Winery is a model wine facility operating in the PDO Santorini zone. It now spans over two hectares of vineyard, cultivating Santorini PDO native varieties Assyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani, and several rare local varieties: Katsano, Gaidouria, Mavrotragano, Voudomato.
The winery is equipped with modern machinery and has a capacity of 150 tons of wine.
After your visit, we are certain that you will become a devotee of the wines of Santorini, and especially of the Gavala winery.


Visitors participate in the grape stomping as it was done in olden times.

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