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The Boutari winery is located on the road towards Faros, beyond Akrotiri, on the world-famous Aegean island of Santorini.
Evidence exists showing that viticulture on the island dates back to pre-historic times that predate the great volcanic eruption around 1600 BC.
The Boutari company became officially engaged with the Santorini vineyards in the 1980s. The vines of Santorini are among the few that have not been affected by the phylloxera grape disease.
Thanks to the insights of an experienced Greek winemaker, the Boutari company identified yet another important area for viticulture with great potential and significant prospects of producing high-quality wine. Its primary objective has been to establish and enforce all the quality requirements for the production of the Highest Quality Designation of Santorini (“VQPRD Santorini”) and to apply vinification techniques previously unknown to the place.


• Visit our small vineyard and learn about the history of Santorini vines and the indigenous grape varieties
• Visit our cellar and learn about wine production and wine aging
• Taste eight Boutari’s award-winning ambassador variety wines from Santorini, Mantinia, Naoussa, Nemea, Crete, Attica, and Goumenissa
• Enjoy a Wine and Food pairing game
• Availability: Every day at 12:30

From €75.00 / per Adult

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From €75.00 / per Adult

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