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The Gea Olympοu (‘land of Olympus’) estate is a small family-business farm located at the foothills of Mt. Olympus, at Kyparissia, municipality of Litochoro.
The main crops of the estate are walnuts and almonds, all grown in accordance with sustainable farming practices aiming at protecting the environment and making better use of the available natural and human resources.
With the care and love of our family, the estate is continuously enriched with various fruit trees and aromatic plants.
Our apiary is the heart of our estate. Applying the principles of proper apiculture practice and combined with nomadic beekeeping and traditional Greek methods of honey production, we collect and produce the natural “Gea Olympou” honey. The collection of honey from different flowers and honeydews gives us different kinds of honey with purely natural and authentic flavors, while at the same time we produce other apiary products such as fresh pollen and royal jelly.
Our goal is to cultivate, harvest, and produce fresh, tasty, authentic, high-quality products with respect to nature and people. By respecting biodiversity and protecting our natural resources, we gain consumers’ confidence which helps us promote the products of Greek land and countryside, making them competitive and recognizable.


Upon coming to the Gea Olympou estate, visitors will receive a little taste of our everyday life in the fields of the Greek Land. They will learn about the magic world of the apiary, which they can pick up while practicing it. They will be introduced to the cultivation of walnuts, almonds, olives, and other fruit trees, taste flavors, and enjoy experiences – but most important will be the creative hours invested in a magical environment where the imposing Mt. Olympus meets the endless blue of the Thermaikos Gulf.


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Honey, propolis, pollen, natural bee wax, walnuts, almonds
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From €9.00 / per Adult

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