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From the Bee’s Life at The Bear’s Honey



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Up to 30 persons
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This is a two-day seminar including a theoretical approach, but mainly with experiential activities around bee-life and the natural apiary environment.
1st Day
Morning activities. Duration: 4 hours
• Meeting, team acquaintances games.
• Theoretical approach to the magic world of bees.
• Bee the melliferous
• Its highly organized society
• To bee or not to bee … in the natural environment
• Coffee break.
• Walk in nature, outdoor “course” about the bee-hive’s raw
products and their role in our health.
• Lunch break
Afternoon Activities. Duration: 3 hours.
• The beeswax ointments’ secrets and their preparation.
An experiential workshop where participants make their own beeswax ointments.
• Make our own honey-sesame seed bars and also with nuts.
• Evening meal – Relaxation.

2nd Day
Morning Activities. Duration: 5 hours.
• Departure for the apiary.
• Guided tour to the bee society in special observation bee-hives. We have protective masks and uniforms for the participants.
• Transition to the bee’s natural environment, identification of apiary plants, and herbs. Usually done on the nearby riverside environmental path next to the banks of Nestos River or on environmental paths of the Rodopi mountain range.
• Photography with the bee as a subject, the flowers – and not only.
• Traditional food at a tavern of our choice
Afternoon Activities. Duration: 3 hours.
• Honey … whatever shines is not gold….
• What is “honey” from where does it come from? … Honey varieties … tasting sessions
• Health, well-being, apiary therapy.
• With wine and honey……
• Return for an evening meal, farewell and rest.
*The above mentioned program can be tailored to the needs of the group upon request.


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Honey, pollen, royal jelly, natural bee wax, propolis, natural cell regeneration cream, pasteli with honey, rakomelo, spread of honey & hazelnut paste, black garlic with honey, honey nut spreads, chocolate types with honey
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