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Flegga Creamery is located in Velestino, 20 km West of Volos, while its name derives from the homonymous mountain in the National Park of Valia Kalda on the southern slopes of the Pindos range.
Grazing amid the ancient forest and crystal-clear waters that run from spring till autumn, our flocks of sheep and goats produce the nutritious milk from which our cheese and dairy products are produced.
Flegga has set as its goal the protection of Greece’s traditional cheeses and the creation of the most delicious and authentic Greek flavors, with high-quality standards and using only sheep and goat milk.
The company combines tradition with modernization and maintains consistent quality and taste standards.
Using sheep and goat milk, Flegga produces a wide range of traditional dairy prodcuts: feta, kaseri, kefalotiri, butter, manouri, yogurts, halloumi, goat cheese, ariani (ayran) and organic kefir, as well as a number of reduced-fat products in response to customer preferences.


Visitors at our premises will be able to witness the production facilities as well as the production process from the milk pasteurization to the final product.
The company’s quality control officer will guide you and will answer all of your questions. The same response you will have from our experienced cheese-makers, to understand the production process and the ideal conditions of consumption and preservation of the products.
Before leaving, visitors can purchase “Flega” products.


• 1st award, Innovative projects for the Mediterranean dairy sector, Greece


From €8.00 / per Adult

Feta, kaseri, kefalotiri, manouri, yogurt, halloumi, goat cheese, galotiri, butter, cheese and dairy products from sheep and goat milk
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From €8.00 / per Adult

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